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"All you need is love [and a picnic]." - Paul McCartney

We are a Woman Veteran-Owned Small Business!  Thank you for your support!

LoveStruck Luxury Picnics formed in 2023 out of a desire to make a career out of what we figure is our best mutual asset - our love for each other.  As a couple, we really enjoys spicing things up by looking for different experiences that aren't just the usual "date night".  Since one of our guilty pleasures is watching dating shows, and after seeing the reactions over their outdoor but elegantly styled dates, we got the idea to create date experiences - help a couple out who might be in a dating rut.  With our love of the outdoors we started talking about picnics - and low and behold we discovered someone might have gotten to the idea a little before we did!  But that's ok!  We can join in the fun and bring our own special twist!  We proudly serve Garner and southern Wake County in general.  You know we'll go to Raleigh too, or anywhere else you have in mind.  If you are looking to put on a special event and there's not a time available on our calendar, feel free to drop us a line.  If we are available, we will be happy to work create an experience you'll always remember!  


Spreading the Love

While both April and Jeff were born and raised in North Carolina, it took almost 40 years before their paths would cross.  She was a single mom and US Navy Veteran and he was a rock n' roller who had just survived stage 4 cancer.  It's been 10 years since merging our crazy lives and while the road hasn't always been easy, we both believe that Love is the most important thing of all.  When he decided to "come off the road" to spend more time at home, we wanted to provide a dating experience unique to the ordinary options.  From there, LoveStruck Luxury Picnics was born.  If there's anything we can do to make your experience even more special and unique, please don't hesitate to let us know!

April + Jeff

Owners - Creative Director & Stage Hand

Turning a Vision into Reality

Myra currently resides in Durham, but has lived in North Carolina her entire life and for years was a stable in the community, hosting Home Interiors parties and decorating the homes of many of Garner's residents.  She has a natural eye for design, and also happens to be April's mom. The creativity runs in the family.  Myra lives to decorate and serves as a creative director and cheerleader.

Myra Wilson

Event Planner + Designer

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